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[S2E18] Ill Will

What could have been a publicity stunt of an episode instead moved the entire season forward in an unexpected way. And that stunning final scene is one that will take up permanent residence in my mind. The standard for future musical episodes has now been raised, something that will benefit all viewers.

[S2E18] Ill Will


Meanwhile, Maze arrives at Linda's office, only to find a bloody doorknob. Maze bursts in and finds Linda lying in her own blood, and badly injured. She is still alive, but only just. Amenadiel then arrives and he says if they try to move her she will die. Maze cries that they need more time.

This is part of a bi-weekly series concerning the characterization of Buffyverse characters. The first installment in this series can be found here. Arguably the best place to begin reading this series is at the beginning, but that is up to each reader. As a reminder this column will cover major and some minor characters from the shows Buffy The Vampire Slayer (1997-2003) and Angel (1999-2004). Other Buffyverse media, such as the graphic novel Spike: Into The Light (2014) are not pertinent to this series. Also there will be no referencing real world events in this bi-weekly series.

Cordelia is all over the place in terms of how she acts. For example, one moment she will be clever and brilliantly act like the Security Guard (Willie Garson) is interesting. While the next, she will be dumb and a bad actress. She also exhibits the exact same tactless personality as Anya Jenkins (Emma Caulfield) will have later on in the scene where Buffy is in a wheelchair. There is also how her egocentric manner after she learns how the demon feeds. Finally, she acts as a more loyal and caring partner to Xander than he deserves.

Sam goes to see Ainsley to ask her to help with the speech. She is working on remarks that she will give at Smith College, her alma mater. Sam and Ainsley have a discussion in which in becomes clear that Ainsley is against the Equal Rights Amendment, which astonishes Sam.

A flu-stricken Buffy, reluctant to stay at home, patrols the cemetery. Xander, Willow and Cordelia surprise her and she nearly stakes Xander. They try to convince her to go home, but the damage that Angelus has done so far continues to fuel her fire. Angelus appears behind her and attacks Cordelia. Buffy and Angelus fight until Angelus pins Buffy down. Willow throws a burlap sack over his head, and he is scared off by crosses that they all carry. Buffy faints and the gang rush her to the hospital. After being stabilized, she is admitted to the hospital for a few days against her will. Her mother reveals that Buffy has always hated hospitals ever since her cousin died in one while Buffy was there with her.

Buffy takes a walk and finds the little boy. He is drawing a picture of the man she saw in her dream. Willow digs up information on Dr. Backer at the library with Giles. She finds that he has a large past of experimental treatments and investigations into his practices. Meanwhile, Dr. Backer is working on trying to cure the children's illnesses. After finding a solution that he thinks will work, he takes it to the children's ward to try it out. Before he can do anything, the evil creature attacks him and slashes him up. Buffy tries to stop him but is thrown aside unable to see the creature as its invisible.

Sandy reluctantly agrees with Kirsten to serve as host/auctioneer at yet another OC benefit. Meanwhile, Trey lies to Ryan to prove that he can be self-dependent when he steals one auction exhibit leading Ryan and Seth on a mission to recover it before anyone finds out. Carter reinvigorates Seth and Zach's comic book dream, much to the annoyance of Summer. Also, Marissa moves in with the Cohens, unwilling to stand anymore of living with Julie or Caleb.

Breakfast Time. Dish of the day: Trey's Omelettes plus fresh news: Marissa is moving in with the Cohens; actually the Gruesome Twosome - Caleb and Julie - are off to Europe, so Kirsten invited Marissa over. Since Chino Kid had just finished to say that he and Marissa are taking things slow, Seth can't help but say: "That'll keep things at a snail's pace". Meanwhile, Summer has no doubt about the whole thing. "I can't imagine what's gonna happen with you two under the same roof". Kirsten convinces Sandy to chair the umpteenth Newport Beach's benefit, exactly an auction. The fact that there will be an available mic is definitely a turning point. Sandy asks Ryan and Seth to help him but Seth points out "I never thought I'd be so happy to say this but Ryan and I have school". Trey will be happy to help, though. And it turns out heavy lifting is waiting for him. At Harbor, Ryan and Seth are sitting on the couch. Seth starts miming a possible kitchen meeting between Ryan and Marissa. As soon as Seth's expressivity reaches the top, Marissa comes over and Seth quickly walks away. Coop is positive it's going to be awkward, but Chino Kid reassures her "No, not at all!". Then, he reaches Seth and pushes him hard in the back, making him slam into his locker. Seth yells "Don't blame me for your sexual tension". Later, Seth catches up with Zach and they both agree to donate some of their comic books. While Trey is helping the Newpsies out and admiring an expensive crystal egg right from Risky Business, Ryan and Seth come back home, and, when Ryan opens his pool house's door, surprise, surprise... Marissa is there. Half-naked of course.

It turns out Kirsten did some room shifting. Anyway, as Marissa tells Ryan "Nothing you haven't seen before, right?". Six in the morning. Even though it's early, Ryan and Marissa are both awake. They meet in the kitchen, and as soon as Marissa says something about old days, they move their hands closer. Of course, Trey comes over in that moment. He claims it's time for him to look for an apartment. Marissa comes up with Alex's flat. She will go with him, Ryan has to help Sandy with the Newpsies. And, maybe, he doesn't want to come back to Alex's place. Yep, too many bad memories. While Sandy is dealing with a whole table cloth crisis, absolutely enjoying "watching those Newpsies squirm", Trey decides to rent Alex's apartment. Unfortunately it's way too expensive, but Marissa comes up with an idea: Trey could help the landlord to fix broken things. Meanwhile, Carter has a project in store for Seth and Zach: a graphic novel. Later, Summer lets Seth know a very important point: "if you bring up you and Zach and atomic county I'll kill you both while you sleep". Anyway, Seth and Zach end up accepting Carter's offer. Speaking of Carter, Sandy tells Kirsten he does think he could become a very good friend of his. A worried Mrs. Cohen takes a drink. Phone rings at the Cohen's. Bad news: Trey's landlord turned Marissa's idea down. Trey has to come up with the whole amount of money if he wants the apartment but he doesn't inform Ryan about it. Ryan thanks Marissa for her help but her smile back looks forced because she accidentally overheard the phone call. Another day in Newport Beach. Marissa tells Trey she knows what's going on. But everything is handled in Trey's opinion. Marissa reminds him "If you do anything stupid, it's really gonna hurt Ryan". Later she finds a way to save Trey's situation thanks to an antique tea set, located in Caleb's basement. Auction moment has arrived. Summer found out about Seth and Zach's graphic novel. Pinky swear: "Any trouble, no more graphic novel, no more comics, no more me".

It turns out the expensive crystal egg has gone. Trey confesses to his brother he stole and sold it; Ryan takes the stolen money and he and Seth head off to get it back, while Marissa and Summer start to stall until the famous egg comes back. Kirsten buys the antique tea set. Well, there's a reason why Sandy's "lovely bride is apparently just crazy for tea": that tea set was her mother's. While Summer is giving up her own shoes for the auction, Seth and Ryan are having a tough time. The egg is actually flying through the air... but, unbelievably, Seth caught it. Meanwhile, Sandy says it's time to show the marvellous egg, unfortunately Seth and Ryan haven't arrived yet. Marissa takes time and starts describing this gold dust. Summer's comment is "Well, Tom Cruise touched it, so that's hot". Luckily Ryan and Seth arrive, carrying the egg. Mission succeeded. Marissa catches up with Trey, who is positive Ryan isn't going to forgive him. Coop assures him she will talk to Chino Kid. Marissa comes over to Ryan's pool house. Ryan seems pretty mad at his brother, but he does thank Marissa when she tells him she gave Trey the money to rent the apartment. Then, Ryan notices Marissa is -slightly- cold. As soon as she points out: "I do wear flannel pajamas", Ryan drapes her over his jacket. Of course Marissa's phone rings. Julie is back and needs her -beloved- daughter to pick her up at the airport. For Marissa it is time to pack. Neither she nor Ryan looks that happy but that's it.

After having found out that he weighs 260 pounds, Homer vows he will diet and get more exercise. While Homer is looking for his weights in the attic, Bart stumbles upon several old paintings of the drummer Ringo Starr that Marge had made as a high school student. Marge reveals she was scolded by her art teacher for painting Starr, on whom she had a crush. She sent a painting to Starr for his "honest opinion", but she never got a response back. After Lisa suggests that Marge take a painting class at Springfield Community College, she paints Homer asleep on the couch in his underwear, earning praise from her teacher, Professor Lombardo. The painting wins the college art show, earning Marge fame and newspaper headlines. 041b061a72


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