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Many players got to work on the level straight away. Top players would get considerably good runs on the level, with Kurumi getting runs of 0-20%, 30-50%, 58-74% and 82-100%.[4] However, the level was too hard to be verified, with some stating the level was harder than unnerfed Silent clubstep. IcEDCave decided to nerf River's part in the published version of the level, but the level was still considered too difficult. IcEDCave decided to nerf the entire level down to a Top 5 Extreme Demon so the level could get verified and placed on the Demonlist. After a bit of time, IcEDCave finished nerfing the level and then had to obtain a verifier. His first thought was to ask Xanii, as he had just verified Sonic Wave Infinity, and he had achieved a run of 30-49% on the unnerfed version of Slaughterhouse a month earlier.[5]



Due to this inactivity, IcEDCave decided to accelerate the verification process by making the Slaughterhouse verification a race, but as a new and harder Top 1 version, more similar to the unnerfed version of the level. On October 15, 2021, IcEDCave uploaded a video to his channel titled 'SLAUGHTERHOUSE VERIFICATION NEWS'.[14] In this video, he explained the minor details of what occurred after he uploaded the original showcase. He also explained the aforementioned verification race, with the list of competitors kept as private information to reduce the pressure of verifying publicly. However, spaceuk[15] and Xanii revealed they were chosen for the race on the same day. Trick revealed himself the next day, along with Photonic and Zamasu a few days later. 041b061a72


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