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Westlife - Beautiful In White

Jonathan Lambert, who had previously directed Filan's music video for "Unbreakable", also directed "Beautiful in White".[3] The video was released on the Filan's 39th birthday, 5 July 2018, via his Vevo account.[3][13] On the day before, he tweeted about its release and posted a behind the scenes clip from the shoot on Instagram. Shot entirely in black and white, the video features a young couple (the male lead portrayed by Filan's nephew and godson, Killian Filan) getting married. Interspersed with the narrative are scenes of Filan performing the song at the D-Light Studios in Dublin, Ireland.[3] The singer wanted to create "something classy and timeless," so as a result, the final product was a "performance-based" video. "[It] is very simple and elegant," he added.[14]

Westlife - Beautiful in white

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And if a daughter's what our future holdsI hope she has your eyesFinds love like you and I didYeah, I wish she falls in love and I will let her goI'll walk her down the aisleShe'll look so beautiful in whiteYou look so beautiful in white

My mom and I argued about the meaning of this song, everytime i listen to this, it reminds me of a funeral.It feels like the lyrics is the final message for his wife before her burial. He's telling the listeners about the night when she saw her wife in a white dress, it's like her soul visited him, He was shocked when he saw his beautiful wife in a white dress. It feels like it was their wedding day,like it's the final piece of his puzzle. They reminisced about their memories. Then,He promised that he will walk their daughter on the aisle for her wedding and that he will keep their love forever until his last breathe.

this song really tells us about what we would ever like to be. from the first time we meet until the everlasting. meaning we admire sb the first time we meet and we expect no-change. that is why he says *and from mnow till my very last breath this day ill cherish, you look so beautiful in white.And what they got wish the same to their children. WONDERFUL

His talking about his love for his wife-to-be. "beautiful in white" indicating that she is wearing the wedding gown and they are going to marry one another. He truly believes and thinks that his wife is beautiful.. so he wants their daughter to have her eyes. 041b061a72


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