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Anthony Cruz
Anthony Cruz

Grand Cru (2017)

Entry criteria: producers and UK agents were invited to submit their 2017 vintage red wines from Bordeaux cru classé estates, first growth to fifth growth, with both grand vin and second label wines welcome.

Grand Cru (2017)


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The Domaine du Meix Foulot has been in the hands of the de Launay family for multiple generations, with the current proprietor, Agnès Dewé de Launay, at the helm since the mid 1990's. Agnès's father, Paul, was one of the pioneers for greater quality in the re- gion, seeking greater concentration and finesse in his wines by ploughing his vineyards, limiting treatments, and introducing a green harvest. Paul's great-grandfather created the Mercurey appellation in 1923. Situated high on a hill between Mercurey and the ruins of the Château de Montaigu, one of the last strongholds of the Burgundian dukes, the domaine is surrounded by 20 ha of gently sloping vineyards, with 90% planted to Pinot Noir and the remainder planted to Chardonnay. 041b061a72


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