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AutoCAD 2000: A Classic CAD Software That Still Works in 2023

Mesh4CAD 2000 - Mesh to solid 1.1 Mesh4CAD 2000 is an AutoCAD 2000 and 2002 application to convert any 3d drawing entity into other 3d entity type. It creates 3d solids, polyface meshes, faces, lines, points and especially allows to convert any polyface mesh to solid and solid to mesh. Autocad 2000 64 bit free downloads, autocad 2008 64 bit windows 7, autocad 2010 64 bit product key, autocad 2004 for windows 7 home 64 bit - software for free at freeware freedownload.

AutoCAD 2000 Torrent


Here's an about installing Acad 2000 on Windows 7 through Win 10 but it requires you to purchase LONGBOW Converter. My only additional thought is the activation. You may not be able to activate your Acad 2000 software depending on the history of your serial #. You could spend hours trying to get this to work and activation and in the end it may be cheaper for you to just purchase a newer version of of the product. My opinion I wouldn't invest in trying to keep Acad 2000 going.

I understand your frustration but the 2000 version was released in 1999, that's roughly 17 years ago and you think that Autodesk is just going to keep old products running to support new operating systems that are a year or 2 old? Think about that?

We can say the same back to you and state get out of the mid 90s technology and upgrade. I'm also confused by your statement. 'Autodesk should make an installed for loyal customers.' If you are still using the Acad LT 2000 version it surely tells me you are no loyal (Autodesk) customer.

As a result of this I am blazing fast on Autocad 2000. Looked at Autocad 2015 and was not the least bit impressed. The menu system awkward to learn and in many cases it is faster to simply type a command than dig through multiple layers to get to the desired command. Why should I upgrade to a newer version that was obviously written by people who don't even understand the concept of EFFICIENCY.

Technology is constantly changing and its not always easy to maintain it (learning/cost). But if you want to stay back that's your choice and I'm not going to persuade you otherwise. Mark, I would think that someone who claims to be an AutoCAD expert would know that AutoCAD 2000 was actually a 3D capable program. As for it being 17 years old, this weekend is the weekend for the Woodward Dream Cruise and there will be many automobiles there that work perfectly well and which are much older than 17 years old. HEck, I expect that there will be some Model T and Model A Fords Cruising Woodward this weekend.

I will also point out that the ability to 'tune' AutoCAD to my specific needs and tasks was what led me to adopt it so many years ago and to still be using what may be the last version that was actually 'tuneable'. I will also point out that no matter what whizbang invention you have come up with at some point you need actual paper drawings to send to the machine shop to have tooling carved out of steel. BTW, I am aware of 3D printing and have used it rather frequently, using 3D models drawn in AutoCAD 2000. Unfortunately 3D models don't work for someone operating a Bridgeport Mill, what works is a 2D paper drawing. Wake up Snowflake, there are actually folks out there manually cranking handles on a Knee Mill in this 'modern world' and they actually produce tooling that works. Unlike the 'designs' I've seen out of some recent 'college graduates'. My problem is I am in the middle of a major project for a big 3 Automotive supplier with 3D models of the work cell about 75% complete and a timeline that requires me working on this project every available hour and instead of doing that I am trying to kludge together something that will allow me to continue to work because my XP Pro based workstation had the motherboard go toes up.

Frankly I wouldn't give them 5 cents for the new version. This old kid I guess is going to look elsewhere for a program that is usable and that allows me to upload all of my AutoCad Lt2000 dwgs. Did you resolve your issue? At home I have run 2000i on a Win7 OS for the past ten years. Three months ago I began getting a fatal error msg upon startup. I saw that Microsoft had pushed a couple of critical security upgrades thru the previous two nights.

I too have numerous Lisp routines that I've developed to save time. 2000 was a giant leap above the older versions but I haven't seen that magnitude of improvement since. I did resolve my issue by running an XP Pro Virtual Machine on a Windows 8 computer.


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