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Lenovo Thinkpad Hardware Maintenance Diskette Version 1.76 Or Later Download

How to Use the Lenovo ThinkPad Hardware Maintenance Diskette

If you own a Lenovo ThinkPad laptop, you may have encountered some situations where you need to access or modify some low-level settings of your system, such as the serial number, the model type, or the UUID. These settings are usually stored in a special memory chip called the EEPROM, which is not accessible by the regular BIOS or operating system. To change these settings, you need a special tool called the Hardware Maintenance Diskette (HMD), also known as the Hardware Key.

The HMD is a bootable diskette or USB drive that contains a program that can read and write to the EEPROM. It is normally only available to authorized service personnel or Lenovo support staff, but in some cases, you may be able to download it from the Lenovo website or other sources. In this article, we will show you how to use the HMD to change some basic settings of your ThinkPad laptop.

Download Zip:

What You Need

  • A Lenovo ThinkPad laptop that supports the HMD. Not all models are compatible with the HMD, so check your model number and BIOS version before proceeding.

  • A blank floppy diskette or USB drive with at least 1.44 MB of free space.

  • A computer with a floppy drive or a USB port that can create bootable diskettes or USB drives.

  • The HMD executable file that matches your ThinkPad model and BIOS version. You can download it from the Lenovo website or other sources . The latest version of the HMD is 1.90, but some older models may require version 1.76 or later.

How to Create the HMD

  • Insert the blank floppy diskette or USB drive into the computer.

  • Run the HMD executable file that you downloaded. It will ask you to select a drive letter for the floppy diskette or USB drive. Choose the correct one and click OK.

  • The program will format the diskette or USB drive and copy some files to it. Wait until it finishes and eject the diskette or USB drive.

  • You have successfully created the HMD. Label it with your ThinkPad model and BIOS version for future reference.

How to Use the HMD

  • Turn off your ThinkPad laptop and insert the HMD into the floppy drive or USB port.

  • Turn on your ThinkPad laptop and press Esc repeatedly when you see the Lenovo logo. This will bypass the EEPROM write protection and allow you to access the HMD.

  • You will see a menu with several options. Choose the one that corresponds to what you want to do. For example, if you want to change the serial number, choose "Change Serial Number".

  • Follow the instructions on the screen to enter or modify the desired settings. Be careful not to enter any incorrect or invalid values, as this may cause problems with your system.

  • When you are done, choose "Exit" from the menu and remove the HMD from your ThinkPad laptop.

  • Restart your ThinkPad laptop and check if the settings have been changed successfully.


The HMD is a useful tool for changing some low-level settings of your ThinkPad laptop, but it should be used with caution and only when necessary. It is not intended for regular users, but for service personnel or advanced users who know what they are doing. If you are not sure about something, consult your manual, contact Lenovo support, or seek professional help.


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