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Anthony Cruz
Anthony Cruz

Asktao Full Setup

Several years ago, at the beginning of this blog I bough two TangBand W4 1320 four inch, full range speakers from Parts Express. I built some quarter wave horn cabinets to mount them in, described in a previous post. Later they turned in to a Boom Bench that didnt really work out. Then they went into retirement in a bag full of speaker damping materials and where forgotten for a few years.

asktao full setup

There a often discussions about what is the best beginners tube amplifier on forums like DIY Audio etc. I think this amplifier is the best place you can start because voltages are relatively low. (still deadly tho). You can follow up the amplifier build with a nice 95dB/w full range speaker and spend some quality time wondering why people spend tens of thousands on high end equipment.


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