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The Bat! 9.0.16 Crack _TOP_

progress in the study of black and latino drug use the study demonstrated a strong relationship between the dimensions of social class and poverty and both cocaine use and arrest rates. the researchers also found that education, occupation, family structure, and income were no longer significant predictors of crack use once other dimensions of social class were considered. while education is no longer a key predictor of crack use, having less than a college degree is associated with nearly three times higher lifetime crack use rates than is having a college degree (32% vs. 12% for men and 31% vs. 12% for women).

The Bat! 9.0.16 Crack


impacts of the "war on drugs" the law's "crack" designation, as well as the 100:1 ratio, made crack offenders ineligible for the same kind of drug treatment as other types of cocaine users. compared with white non-injection drug users, white injection drug users had similarly low rates of receiving substance abuse treatment even when the data were adjusted for other drug use patterns, drug convictions, and the growing use of prescription opiates. however, black injection drug users were more likely to receive drug treatment than white non-injection drug users, even though they were more likely to be arrested for drug violations and subject to greater incarceration rates. among white drug users, people who reported getting treatment were less likely to be arrested than people who said that they did not get treatment. however, black drug users who reported receiving treatment were no less likely to be arrested than black people who reported not receiving treatment.


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