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Europe The Final Countdown Remastered Torrent HOT!

Tracklist:01. The final countdown [5:11]02. Rock the night [4:07]03. Carrie [4:32]04. Danger on the track [3:46]05. Ninja [3:47]06. Cherokee [4:15]07. Time has come [4:03]08. Heart of stone [3:47]09. On the loose [3:10]10. Love chaser [3:33]Bonus tracks[Live at The Hammersmith Odeon, London 1987]11. The final countdown [5:12]12. Danger on the track [4:00]13. Carrie [4:40]*Legal Disclaimer*

Europe The Final Countdown Remastered Torrent

After the release of Volume 13, fyrestorm reorganized the past volumes and updated its contents, replacing lower bitrate mp3's with higher quality versions, updating and cleaning up the album covers, and fixing any mistakes that weren't noticed until after release. The Remastered edition also features remastered album covers for Volumes 1-9. It was officially released on October 29, 2006, celebrating its one year anniversary, in order for new users to download all the released volumes in one torrent, and to satisfy old users with new content. See YTMND Soundtrack Remastered's talk page for more information.


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