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In a study performed by Newcastle University in England, it was discovered that as the brain matures it begins to remove neural connections that are stored which it does not think are important. The connections in the brain that are not used regularly tend to shrink and evaporate due to lack of use-whereas the neural networks that are regularly engaged survive. This is called fire and wire, and is an example of survival of the fittest among neural networks.

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Girls physically mature faster than boys on a physical level as well due to the quicker process of puberty. Girls undergo puberty earlier than boys by about 1-2 years, and generally finish the stages of puberty quicker than males due to their differences in biology.

Considering the different responsibilities men and women have in the environment, it might make sense for a woman to physically mature quicker than a man, as her body needs to prepare itself to be ready to hold a child. Either way, men eventually catch up to women both cognitively and physically, and are not any less mature once developed.

By far, the most common cause is constitutional delayed puberty. These boys are generally healthy and will eventually go through puberty if given enough time. In about two thirds of cases, it is inherited from one or both parents. The mother may have had delayed puberty if she started her periods after age 14, and the father may have had delayed puberty if he started his growth spurt late (after age 16) or if he continued to grow after he graduated from high school. Boys with chronic illnesses such as inflammatory bowel disease, sickle cell disease, or cystic fibrosis often mature late.

Testicular tumour in an intra-abdominal undescended testis is a rare finding. We report a case of mature teratoma in an intra-abdominal testis of a 4-year-old boy. He presented with nonpalpable testis on the right side. Abdominal ultrasound was normal. Diagnostic laparoscopy revealed a large tumour arising from an intra-abdominal right testis, and histologic analysis identified a mature teratoma. The tumour was completely removed laparoscopically, and there was no recurrence at follow-up 1 year later.

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