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Ati Mobility Radeon X1250 Driver 11 [WORK]

Owners of the cards listed who want to run a current Linux distro shouldn't worry too much about switching drivers, however. The free radeonhd driver that the community has greatly improved, mainly through AMD's publishing of reference documentation, supports all cards in 2D mode, including compositing. Besides, the newest version also supports DRI (direct rendering infrastructure) with many of the cards.

ati mobility radeon x1250 driver 11


Check the radeonTV page at for information about how TV-Out (and TV capture) for ATI cards got to official drivers from the GATOS project. TV-Out may now be enabled using Randr 1.2 ("xrandr" utility) for supported cards, by eg:

For R500, R600, R700 and R800 (Radeon X1000- HD 6000 series) AMD/ATI has had a habit of releasing specifications from basic mode-setting all the way to shaders. AMD is also funding developers to develop fully open drivers "radeon" (X.Org DDX driver), "r300" and "r600" (Mesa 3D drivers and kernel DRM drivers) using the specifications together with the community, see for example =xorg/driver/xf86-video-ati;a=summary .

Ecco un elenco completo dell'hardware supportato (preso dalla pagina man di radeonhd in 12.2; pacchetto: xorg-x11-driver-video-radeonhd, versione: 1.3.0_20100512_80ba041. Per una versione dal sito ufficiale del progetto, vedere i Collegamenti esterni):


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