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10 Day Smoothie Challenge

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Welcome to the group, 10 Day Smoothie Challenge!

There are two options to get started. The basic package includes oils and ingredients to make at least 5 of the smoothies. You can repeat those during the 10 days. The All In Package has all items needed for all 10 smoothies!

To prepare, you need these items:

Basic package:

doTERRA Vanilla Protein (vegan or whey) almond milk (or preferred milk: oat, coconut)

frozen strawberries

3 bananas

3 avocados

green apple




chia seeds

frozen cranberries

doTERRA Lemon essential oil

doTERRA Wild Orange essential oil

doTERRA Celery Seed essential oil

doTERRA Grapefruit essential oil

doTERRA Lime essential oil

All In Package: *Everything above and...

doTERRA chocolate protein (whey) or cacao powder if vegan

1 grapefruit

pumpkin puree

pumpkin pie spice

coconut water


1/2 c carrots


2 pears

2-3 dates

maca powder


almond butter

doTERRA On Guard essential oil

doTERRA Turmeric essential oil

doTERRA Ginger essential oil

doTERRA Peppermint essential oil

Each day, I'll recommend some easy substitutes and additional tips!


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  • February 10, 2021


  • Melissa Gaskin

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