Melissa Gaskin

Integrative Health Coach and Holistic Mentor

Integrative Health Coaching

A Whole Health Approach to Wellness

Melissa is a liaison between you and your team of physicians. She supports you in all areas of life, including stressors, boundaries, relationships, increasing joy, movement, and more. These areas directly impact the food on your plate. 

Nutrition is a key.
You may have brain fog, low energy, weight gain or an inability to lose weight, hormone imbalances, autoimmune concerns, but you just don't know where to start. 

You've tried various "diets" that never seem to stick and you want support, to feel heard, and validated that you are not crazy.

Your integrative health coach
Your partner in navigating what serves you best



How is Melissa Different?

Melissa has been in the health and wellness industry for over 7 years and has many personal experiences navigating personal health concerns. She truly listens to her clients and meets them where they are at in their health  journey.

This personalized support sets the stage for transformation.

Melissa believes there is no one size fits all to health. Every body is different, therefore, every diet and lifestyle approach should be different.

A Peek into my Life