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Meet Melissa


My journey to find health has ebbed and flowed throughout my life. I grew up pretty healthy, eating mostly home cooked meals, was an athlete and in pretty good shape. I knew eating whole food and exercise would "keep me healthy."  I checked the boxes by going to college, graduating with my degree in Early Childhood Education from The University of Texas and later finishing my Master's Degree from Lamar University in Educational Administration. During my college life, I was fairly active but my nutrition and self-care wasn't ideal. Whose is? 

I moved to New Mexico where I taught for five years in early childhood. I got married to my wonderful husband, now of eleven years, and was continuing to check those boxes but realized my health was suffering. A few years into teaching, I was suffering from awful migraines that were induced from high stress and a negative, toxic environment. The medication I was prescribed made by feet numb so I sought out alternatives and found Sound Healing. This was helpful for relaxing and calming my mind each night before bed each night. The migraines went away but the trigger to those migraines remained. While we made home cooked meals, I was still eating items that weren't serving my body but really didn't know where to start. ​

A few years later I was pregnant and heard about these mysterious essential oils that would support not only my health but my son's too. I did a ton of research on medications, what to eat and not to eat, how to stay healthy, how to rid your home of toxins, etc. I've always been aware and knowledgeable of healthy choices and healthy living but my perspective changed quite a bit when children were added to the picture. I made some health shifts with nutrition but started seeing amazing essential oil transformations with seasonal concerns, skin repair, digestive care, aches, postpartum support, emotional balance, newborn and child care, and more! 


In 2017, our family of three moved to Colorado Springs, Colorado where we found our love of nature, mountains, exploring, and  four seasons. I continued growing my doTERRA business and mentoring my team. My youngest was born in 2018 and we were enjoying our last addition to our family, finding our community, and exploring our new state.

Then, the pandemic hit. 


When Covid started, I was my heaviest, most unhealthy feeling, and mentally struggling. It took me about six months to really dive into where I was and vision where I wanted to be. For me, the first step with mindset and movement. I healed my Diastasis Recti through simple movements, held myself accountable, and held space for a daily meditation. I did an online program for yoga and strength training where I submitted macros eaten each week. This process taught me a lot about the food I was eating, helped me reflect on what fueled me and how I felt as I noticed physical and mental shifts. I found that I was gluten and dairy sensitive and omitting those items was a difference of twenty pounds of inflammation for me. The accountability piece was huge. Then in 2021, I hired a personal trainer at my local gym and continue to work with her weekly, do yoga at least one time a week, and continue with my mental health routine of meditation and mindfulness. I have foundational habits to lean on that have helped me to shift my health. It's been an identity shift. When I think back about my mental and physical state from just two years ago , I see a different person. I love the shift and the woman I am today! 

This spurred me to expand my business as an Integrative Health Coach, empowering women to take control of their health, listen to their intuition, and slow down to fully know and understand their bodies. I walk alongside you on your journey to a sustainable lifestyle packed with joy, freedom, and health.

In my spare time, I enjoy traveling with my family, hiking, yoga, watching Longhorn football, experimenting with essential oil blends, reading for knowledge and pleasure, and trying new nutrient dense recipes. 

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